Hello: Project 1

Welcome to Practicum 2017.

In the first project you’ll be conducting research and developing visual identities for a group of emerging companies as part of The Penn UPstart Program. Whitney Magruder will introduce the project at 3pm January 12.

Before that we’ll start an exercise that relates designing to giving gifts (’16 gift pix, here).


Readings: (for discussion Jan 17)
Brand New Worlds: Corporate Makeovers and Dead Logos, Blauvelt
What is a Designer, Potter
The Gift, Dilnot
The Deep Dive, IDEO, video below

Rescufy site
Ghost Robotics video
Mobileoptx site
Arthur Ross Gallery

Related articles here:
“At the heart of the courses (at Stanford’s Institute of Design) is developing what David Kelley, one of the school’s founders, calls an empathy muscle.”

Evolution of Gift Giving, Bruck

Practicum 2017 intro
Typographic marks, dc
TypeTalk, dc


This is a Generic Brand Video
Colbert USA Today Branding

Helvetica Opening

Don Draper Carousel

Brand New
Joe Finocchiaro Design
Hoefler & Co.

Design Standards Manual


Some examples of Practicum student work:

Link to Mt Airy map
Selected Projects 2014

West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools
Arthur Ross Gallery

Food Trust Market Presentation
Penn Praxis 10 Year Anniversary
Sustainability Seminar Identity
Penn Museum Maya Calendar

ARG final presentation
Arthur Ross Gallery

International Trademark Design: A Handbook of Marks of Identity
Symbols, Icons, etc.
An Ode to Branding
Media Lab visual identity

Media Lab visual identity 2015
Cooper Union logo
Whitney Museum Identity
Whitney video

TED: Tim Brown on Creativity and Play