Meeting Wednesday Night

Anyone who would like to help with InDesign Booklet for Thursday, plan on meeting on Wednesday night around 10:30! Everyone else, please have your designs finished and in the server/document by 11pm by the latest.

Questions/advice to

CARMA Therapeutics Illustrator sketches

EDIT: I just received Sara’s email saying that in class on Thursday, we decided on the fonts Futura Condensed and Cooper Black for CARMA. Attached below are my Illustrator sketches for CARMA. I wasn’t as pleased with how the text-based designs were working, but Sara said that we decided to focus more on the macrophage-based designs anyway. For completion’s sake, I included them anyway.

Carma Therapeutics_FuturaCondensedAndCooper.png

Sara also updated me on the progress of the Greppo designs, saying that we collectively liked the lowercase “g” in the box. I will share my sketches with Sara to make sure we’re on the same page with that, as well.

Let me know what you guys think!

Sketches for CARMA and Greppo Finals

I apologize for not being able to make it to class on Thursday. Above are the sketches I had prepared for CARMA and Greppo to present on Thursday before I began to render them in Illustrator. I will make separate posts for the CARMA and Greppo Illustrator drafts I have. Looking forward to working out final designs on Tuesday!

PCI Prep

Tuesday we need to complete preliminary designs, organize them for presentation, and print presentation materials, one set of loose pages for presentation and one set of bound pages for Whitney to take with her.

I’d like someone or more to take responsibility for designing pages, printing, and binding (something like below) for Thursday. Let’s discuss Tuesday.



This article shows designer Yang Liu’s graphic visualization of how people from two different cultures differ in their behaviors (Germany vs. China). I relate with a lot of these myself, but I think the most interesting part is how Liu was able to boil down a concept into something so simple and straight forward. Reminded me of how we should strive to make logos that get the point across without having to overcomplicate it!

Here are a few examples pulled from the article: