Kate’s Capacity Statement

I consider myself perspicacious (which also happens to be my favorite word). I am perceptive of the feelings and thoughts of people around me, which allows me to have insight into different people’s minds. If they don’t particularly like a situation they’re in, I find a way to help alleviate the tension and if they are proud of something, I find a way to compliment their achievement.

I am also an ironic minimalist because I love seeing and creating simple aesthetics, but if you take a look at my room you wouldn’t be able to tell that I like clean, simple designs.

Mission Broadside

To be presented to Dean Steiner and letterpress printed

Page size is 11×15″
Here’s the copy:

PennDesign prepares students to address complex sociocultural and environmental issues through thoughtful inquiry, creative expression, and innovation. As a diverse community of scholars and practitioners, we are committed to advancing the public good—both locally and globally—through art, design, planning, and preservation.

Printed at the Common Press
University of Pennsylvania
School of Design

sample designs


Should look important and impressive

Try both serif and sans serif, small caps, etc.

Colors: 1 or 2

Penn Shield, rules, dingbats, etc.

Printed at the Common Press
University of Pennsylvania
School of Design

Léa Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have affectionately been called “Delayéa” by my family.

I’ve gained the title due to my delayed notion of time. I’m often in my own head, thinking of whatever inspires me or become distracted by ideas of upcoming projects, leading me to showing up fashionably late to just about everything I attend. The “last minute rush” is no unfamiliar territory to me. I tend to work best under pressure, and while I’m always working on something the night before it is due, it always gets done by the deadline. My delayed sense of time makes me have to think quickly, to ensure that my work fits beyond “Léa Standard Time (LST)”, as my dad would call it. I am capable of thinking of new ideas quickly, and work really well with a deadline soon approaching, challenging my natural delay as I work against the clock.