Lainie’s Capacity Statement

I am an overthinking organizer.

My strongest work is that which I’ve struggled to take the ownership of. Work that has found me more than I found it. I see myself as two parts of a whole: one who overthinks and one who does not. The overthinker in me attempts to control the subconscious part—it more than not succeeds. But my work becomes creative only when I can act without consideration. This becomes more and more difficult as my control expands.

My specialties lie in execution and organization. I can execute a job given to me. I can organize a group of people to execute an idea. I find joy in working and in the success of others. I approach work trying to gain access to that artistic subconscious mind. I generate designs without a lot of research or thought first, then try to expand on design notions built from my hand into a thoughtful and built design. I’m inspired by the invisible design, something that looks so right it’s difficult to believe there was a hand in it at all. I know my work has achieved this point when I feel that disconnect of authorship.

I want to nurture that second, subconscious part of me. The one that creates and becomes inspired. The control of me needs to allow this feed, sit back and work as my creativity comes to the front—and allow an avenue for inspiration to come through.

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