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Esther’s Capacity Statement

I am a gluttonous consumer.

When was once ever enough? Does one ever eat only one potato chip? Design is an addictive process for me, the more I see, the more I must keep eating. That is why it is sometimes hard for me to start. I must keep eating, keep seeing more and more of forms, firmly cement them into my mind until I myself can even begin to create something even remotely similar. Research is an important, or perhaps unavoidable, step for me before beginning projects.

Thus, the design process is like a slippery slope for someone like me. It takes a while to get the ball rolling, but once the traction is there, the end is fast.

I know what you’re thinking at this point. And yes, you’re right. For me, the process is sometimes daunting. But, the traction is why I continue to design – those few seconds of glory. The aha moments.

Like delicious little crumbs served at half price only during restaurant week.

Writing is synonymous with breathing to me. Words intoxicate me; it is fascinating how form follows content. Sometimes content follows form. I tear through books, find comfort in abundance, and, finally, relish in the predictability of where components belong. I work best within limitations, and experience the height of creation when conditions have been set. Thus, on a team I am a good finisher.

I am a leech, feeding off the energies of other people. Working on a team is exhilarating. Being alone drains my energy faster than interacting with people. I am attuned and sensitive to frowns, and would probably make for a decent counselor.