Phil’s Capacities Statement

I am a curator.

I meticulously cull culture, compiling and critiquing the most innovative and intriguing ideas, and present the perfect solution. I thrive in situations that require of me intense qualitative and quantitative analysis and creative problem solving, where research, thought, and attention to detail share equal importance. I believe that the world can be improved through design, and with so many fantastic concepts already created, sometimes all that is necessary is to recognize it. Not everything needs reinvention, just reconsideration and rejuvenation.

Logo Trends of 2016

2016 Logo Trends

Attached above is an interesting link I found highlighting some stylistic trends of logos in 2016. Just some aesthetic elements to keep in mind when designing a logo!

And below I’ve linked a website with 99 creative logo designs. They’re so well done and worth checking out if you have time. I’ve also posted some examples to get you more interested in clicking the link 😛

99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

Revised Carma Logo…Opinions?


EDIT: I didn’t receive any comments on the post but I believe the above version is the strongest logo and color. I plan on using this one going forward with the mockup process.




Hey guys.  Above, you can see the attempts I made to make the “C” more readable in the text-based Carma logo and combine it with the (revised) pictorial logo, per Whitney’s request. I don’t like the way the text-based logo works with the pictorial logo, but I am open to ideas if anyone thinks they see potential. I also went ahead and chose some colors I thought would work with the logo, so your opinions on those are encouraged, too!

Comment on this post with thoughts and opinions! I will make the updated file available on the server around 7pm tonight when I have a chance to go to Addams.

CARMA Therapeutics Illustrator sketches

EDIT: I just received Sara’s email saying that in class on Thursday, we decided on the fonts Futura Condensed and Cooper Black for CARMA. Attached below are my Illustrator sketches for CARMA. I wasn’t as pleased with how the text-based designs were working, but Sara said that we decided to focus more on the macrophage-based designs anyway. For completion’s sake, I included them anyway.

Carma Therapeutics_FuturaCondensedAndCooper.png

Sara also updated me on the progress of the Greppo designs, saying that we collectively liked the lowercase “g” in the box. I will share my sketches with Sara to make sure we’re on the same page with that, as well.

Let me know what you guys think!