Real-size Tabadul printouts


Rong Xiang – Capacity Statement

I am an hourglass scooper.

I fight against time, by working hard, setting my ambitions high, and waiting for no one else. Scooping, scooping, scooping up the sand back to the top the glass. Scared that the sand will leak past me faster than I can scoop, I push to scoop faster, learn more, and do better. I don’t believe in innate weakness or “this just isn’t my thing” or “you’re not good enough” – I believe in hard work and an open mind. I thrive in difficult situations because I believe I can. And I believe I can because all it takes is some more scooping.

Cellecture Logo

Before moving forward with mockups, I wanted to get the class’s opinions on the following iterations of the Cellecture logo! The left side shows the iterations I experimented with if you care to see my logic, or if you like something from that side more. In the end, I settled for the two logos on the right – I think they’re really trimmed down. I also tried a few colors. Let me know what you think!