Garbage Picker: Capacity Statement

Sara Cristal Ramirez, 2017

I am a garbage picker.

I gravitate to unsolvable situations and recycle ideas, materials, and drafts that once had no hope and are revitalized by a second chance and mind. My style, while at times quirky and specific, can develop into an array of out of the box ideas only reached by materials, thoughts, and ideas that allow for unconventional expectations. Using unexpected material, scavenging for background research, recycling great aesthetics, plagues my process in creating and thinking. Remnants in societal trash allows me to give things a second life. Making the discarded beautiful and or present once again then in turn propels me to further activate my skills in art and creative thinking as well as integrating societal issues and cultural reference that plague our world.  Dealing with found material has aided my flexibility, open-mindedness, and awareness of community, culture, environment, and consumerism while creating a great ability to see things beyond their existing form and has transformed my agility, determination, and astute nature.